Transactive Memory System (TMS)

Description Chou, Lin and Chou’s article shared the relationship between Transactive Memory System (TMS), collective mind, collective efficacy, and making effective decisions. In what significant ways do relationships and trust contribute to TMS and to making effective team decisions?

Critical Thinking Evaluation Table

Critical Thinking Evaluation Table Paper instructions: This Critical Thinking Assignment has five steps: Read Chapters 1 & 2 in Understanding Research: A Consumer’s Guide. Using the CSU-GC Library, identify a professional journal that is relevant to this course’s field of study. (our course name:Effective Organizations Theory and Practice) Select a current (2010-2012) research article related […]

Topic: Fraud prevention and detection

Topic: Fraud prevention and detection Paper details: Project guidelines included in attached file Text book link provided here. Please use the text book as the main source for the project.

Application: HIS Applications

This week, you have looked at five HIS Applications: EHR, PMS, RIS, PACS, and GIS. There are many vendors marketing their solutions concerning these HIS Applications, and in this Application, you will explore one of these solutions in more depth. For this Application: • Select one of these Applications: EHR, PMS, RIS, PACS, GIS. • […]