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As I have said, my technique worked so I would be lying if I said I would make wholesale changes to it. If I were being super – critical it would have been nice to have obtained some primary research rather than just secondary. For example; I would have liked to find a business in this area whose systems had been infected by a virus. However due to the fact many businesses are reluctant to divulge this information, it is was an impossible task unless I knew the owner/manager, which was not the case. Speaking out load has been a problem for me for quite a while now. It is something I have always tried to avoid; even reading out load from a textbook in class has posed problems for me. However I knew that there was no way for me to avoid this presentation. I realised that if I were to do well I would have to get some tips on presenting. The lecture notes in the ‘Business Information Systems’ lecture provided a starting block.

In addition W.Triffitt’s ( 2002 ) notes at the back of the ‘Business and Professional Development’ study skills book helped. “Skills of presentation are not inborn or inherited” (Janner, 1989), this is why Janner believes that presentation techniques need to be taught. In his opinion, one of the simplest ways to be successful is to plan and rehearse. These were the same views that I was hearing from a number of sources. I began to realise that the main difference between a successful presentation and an unsuccessful one was the preparation put into it. I decided if I had any chance of delivering a quality talk I had to be well prepared. I constructed a spider diagram consisting of all the points I wanted to make. After this I decided on the presentation format, (see appendix 5). Which I was able to do using my spider diagram. This made the job of assembling the information I needed to deliver the talk a lot easier. I then had to decide on how I was going to present my information.

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