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Eventually, Lee was released after a plea agreement. How was it possible that if he was such a threat to the United State’s national security that he would all of a sudden be released. The Asian Community across the United Stated worked together to protest this unfair act. People signed protest petitions to Janet Reno, sent money for his defense fund, showed up for rallies and demonstrations across the country, and signed a petition for a presidential pardon for Wen Ho Lee. I was among those in the community who was very angered and outraged at the government’s actions. I took part in all the petitions and would have participated in the rallies and demonstrations had any of them been in New York. I did not understand how the United States government could just go around all the laws that it had come up and expect its citizens to follow when it did not even follow them. Last semester, there was a big incident in the clothing industry.

Abercrombie and Fitch attempted to appeal to more Asian Americans with a new line of t-shirts with ethnic caricatures and slogans. Many people found these t-shirts to be very offensive and reinforced negative stereotypes of Asian Americans. I was not very offended by these t-shirts, a little shocked that they would put these t-shirts on the shelves, but otherwise it was not a big deal to me. I can see how many Asian Americans were very offended though. Looking back, I do not remember there ever being a time when I did not want to be a member of my social group. My parents have always taught me that being Chinese is a part of who I am, just like being American is also a part of who I am. I do not always feel like I solely belong to either social group, but I am part of both. I am proud of who I am because without that part of me, I would not be who I am today. I am aware of my Chinese culture and language, and at the same time, I am very assimilated into the American society. I understand where I stand in society – I have one foot in each door and I comfortable, proud, and lucky to be able to be part of both cultures. I can go to my place of origin and blend in there, get along with people there; at the same time, I can be in the United States and blend in here too. I am able to experience both worlds, something that would not be possible if I were not Asian American. All free online research paper proposals, research paper samples and example research papers on Asian Americans topics are plagiarized and cannot be fully used in your high school, college or university education. 12/page you can order custom written papers online. We work with experienced PhD. Master’s freelance writers to help you with writing any academic papers in any subject! High quality and 100% non-plagiarized papers guaranteed!

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