Updated on February 21, 2017 V Ron Dorn moreContact Author Welcome to the Student Series! The Student Series is designed to advise current or future students on all aspects of post-secondary life, from how to live healthily, to how to connect with your school and peers, to how to write a phenomenal paper. I consider myself somewhat of an expert on this topic; I was a university student for six years, and for two of those years I was a paid teaching assistant who graded all manner of assignments and exams. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degree in English Language and Literature and World Language Studies from Queen’s University, and I have a Master’s of English and Creative Writing from the University of Toronto. I have been the recipient of the Queen’s Excellence Scholarship, the Maureen Morgan English Scholarship, and the Avie Bennett Emerging Writer’s Award. I hope that gives you a little insight (and some confidence) into my qualifications to write on such subjects.

The introduction is easily the most important part of an essay. The introduction sets up your entire project and most professors will tell you they have a good idea of the grade they will assign from that beginning paragraph alone. As a teaching assistant who has graded hundreds of papers, I have to agree. Having a clean, clear, specific, and informative introduction not only gets your paper going on the right foot but also gives the reader an indication of both the direction and quality of the following paragraphs. Think of your introduction as a map. You are giving your reader the general route your essay will take. All of the major points you will make in your essay should be mentioned in your introduction. In high school, we are sometimes taught to start our introduction with a “hook” – an interesting sentence, perhaps a relevant quotation or statistic, that grabs the reader’s interest and “hooks” them into reading the rest. By the time you get to university, however, you will find that most professors aren’t interested in these kinds of flourishes – they want clarity and concision. You’d do better to begin straightaway with your topic.

Customer service agents will put you on hold, ignore your emails and conveniently “forget” things in order to keep you frustrated and off balance. Scam artists know that when you are in an emotional state, you cannot think clearly and become even more vulnerable. This experience is no fun. The helplessness and impotence felt by the student is overwhelming and desperation sets in. Communication is key. If you are working with an essay writing company who is not communicating with you, be very careful. Many dissertation writers for hire are low grade chumps with little to say. When you have decided to hire a dissertation writer you are putting a lot on the line. The one sure fire way to destroy your academic career before it ever got started is to get busted for plagiarism. This is a complex subject that academia must wrestle with all the time. At the heart of academic writing is the authority of other scholars who have also built their research upon the backs of other people who have come before them. Many dissertation committees are not really looking for original thinking and research.

This is denoted by the extensive citation styles that are currently required in any official academic writing project. If someone did not say it before you, than it is unacceptable in many professor’s viewpoints. This stifling reality of the academic world is further convoluted by the practice of plagiarism to escape this nonsense. Most students admit to plagiarizing at some point in their academic careers. The problem seems to be getting worse. The culture is such that the ethics of plagiarism are not clear. Some may argue that it has become a very easy tactic to employ and get away with. I tend to disagree. Plagiarism is much easier to detect in today’s current age of artificial intelligence and computer software specifically designed to point out those people who are lifting ideas from others and not giving them credit. As class sizes expand in the 21st century, classes and assignments are becoming very standardized and identical.

Creativity is overlooked and the act of plagiarism seems to be very much aligned with the ethics of higher education in many ways. Many companies will ensure that you get caught and actually relish in that fact. Make sure that you use only the best writers in your dissertation efforts. The dissertation is somewhat of a different story when it comes to plagiarism and research. The dissertation is designed more or less to be plagiarism-proof. This is due to several factors. Many dissertation topics are supposed to be based on a topic that is very original and there is very little known or understood about a very specific ideas usually related to a much more general and larger topic. This makes it difficult for a student to lift ideas because there is nowhere to lift ideas from. However, many experienced researchers know that this is not really true, and it is very simple to assemble a plagiarized dissertation in many different ways.

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