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When my son was 3 months old I started TA’ing a class I had never taught, or even taken before, and was only really familiar with about half of the material. So although my thinking skills did improve as my son finally got to where he was only waking once a night, I used most of my spare time learning this new material which I was teaching. I did complete a draft that semester, and ended up filing the following April, after various rewrites and such. Something different about my experience than yours: I am a single parent, completely self-supporting (except for that little stint with my parents) and so had to keep working the whole time, although only part time. The most important thing at first is how much sleep you are able to get. If you happen to have a baby that sleeps in long stretches from the first, you should be able to get to work within a month after the birth, albeit only slowly at first.

If it were me I would have child care away from my home while I was trying to work; but that has more to do with my own distractability, perhaps, than with the advisability of this practice for you. Whether part time every day, or 2-3 full days a week: I think either could work for you, once you get on a schedule. How long does it take you to get down to work? Can you work for long stretches, or do you need a break every two hours? I can just advise that you try to find a child care giver who is flexible and will let you change your schedule depending on what you find is working and also how much sleep you are getting. Not to mention deadlines. I won’t mention them. This message is in response to Anita. I had a baby six months ago, and began working and writing my dissertation for 25 hours a week at home when Hannah was 3 months old.

We decided to have someone come to our house and do childcare. This has worked out really well for me. This arrangement allowed me to start working but still nurse Hannah and play with her a little during the day. I found that half-days worked best–it’s hard to keep up energy all day, and it was hard for me to be away from Hannah for that long, too. It is important to have a room you can work in and shut the door. However, I found that being able to hear that everything was okay with Hannah allowed me to concentrate on my work! A few friends of mine suggested finding a student (high school or undergrad) to care for the baby, someone who you wouldn’t necessarily leave the baby alone with but who would be fine in a non-emergency situation. This is a cheaper way to go, and may be all you need. I didn’t take that advice, but we did hire someone who does light housekeeping. I love this, and it takes some pressure off of my husband and I. You could also do a nanny share.

Thesis writing with an infant is tough, but do-able. It’s good you’re looking into daycare options now, as they can take some time. My son was born in December; I planned to take 8 weeks off, but took 10 because that’s when daycare could start–and, frankly, was thrilled with the extra two weeks to spend with him! Now we’re doing MWF at a daycare center and the rest of the time home with me. I’ve found three days adequate for my work, but do get frustrated with the on-again/off-again pace of things. Five half-days would cure this, but we found childcare we love (Cornerstone Children’s Center) and that’s not one of our scheduling options. One advantage of three days is less commuting. Remember, your trips to and from childcare take up some of those precious work hours! Given what you’re paying for (someone to substitute for you!), childcare is not overly expensive, though it does hit most students’ budgets hard. The real key is to look around and find something you are 100% comfortable with, because unless you really are at ease with your choice, you’ll be spending your work time worrying instead of writing.

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