What you will answer to “who are you?” question and why? College Exam PreparationThe art of taking multiple-choice-question tests and how to get the right answers. Cognitive PsychologyWhat is Meant by Accuracy, Fluency and Complexity in Relation to Second Language Learner Acquisition? Cognitive PsychologySocial Psychology – Cognitive Dissonance: I Don’t Believe It! Submit a CommentYou Must Sign In To CommentTo comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Micky Dee, Thank you for reading this, King Micky. I hope you have great time. Windresistant: Hello, nice to meet you here. Problem with my mind is I usually have trouble in focus on what I should have to work on but noticed on this and that which sometimes little unusual and silly, under the will of having fun. LOL. I’m glad this little curiosity of mind can be enjoyed by others too.

Unless I know my weirdness not always bad for others. LOL. Thank you for reading this. I will visit you soon. Agus Fanani: I am not sure this little ‘remeh temeh’ will be useful but unless it can be fun. I’m glad you like it, brother. Nell Rose: Hello, Nell. You are indeed deep thinker with great sense of humour! One of the best Author HubPages ever have. I’m glad that I know you. And I think there always dark side in everybody, but of course as writer with length range of topics, you must be have the worst one! I love your dark side too, Nell, because it inspired me. Hi, what a great question! I always say that we have psychological facets like a diamond. It’s about something part of our life: a simple open question but needs contextual answers and you put it in an interesting package, in this hub. Thank you Freya for sharing good things with us.

This is a subject I hadn’t really thought to examine so closely before, and you did it beautifully. You are a wonderful writer! Thank you Freya. I love this hub. I love you dear. Thank you for lifting me up as always! You really know how to make your friend blush and really happy, Mr. E! That is too kind. I am really blushing now. Neverletitgo: Salam, Abdi. This Hub had been created just because I tried to runaway from real study at that time. Bored make me started observing what I should not gave attention to, because I really don’t have time. LOL. Thank you for the prayer. I really need that. Good job Freya, this is well organized hub and you gave more time to create this wisdow that came out finally from you mind. I need to read more your hub youn and wise lady. Thanks for sharing this great article that one need to ask him/her self. Good luck for your study. This is definitely ‘one’ for the ages and should be installed into every virtual library out there in the cyber universe. Bravo to you and your fine fine mind!

Eiddwen: Hello, Eiddwen. I’m glad you like it. Accaetnna: No, not a great thinker. Just great person to be laugh with. I always observing all around me to look at something to be laugh at, with respect of course. Wow this was incredible, you are such a great thinker Freya. A brilliant hub and thank you for sharing. Indeed, all of us are students of life which is very challenging in so many times. But if even before graduated, it able to created the wise person like you, I think the challenges is worth to face, isn’t it? I miss you soooo much! I promised an email but I keep delay it since everything with me keep me so uptight and gloomy. I hate have to reported gloomy thought in my personal note. Do not like to think I will only share unpleasant thought to my friends. Like you see here, dear, it is so long without poem on my Hubs. It is hard to be romantic when my head flooded by textbooks and unromantic theories about human’s mind!

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