Power & Influence

Synthesizing the selected Power Type by recognizing it in a Leader, highlighting how the leader effectively influences, and weighing in on the moral character and reputation of the leader you choose to profile.

A critical component of effective leadership is the ethical application of influence. Influence is a type of power. Oftentimes the word “power” has a negative connotation suggesting manipulation and coercion. Yet the appropriate, moral use of power, in the form of influence, is significant in the respected leader’s toolbox.

The legitimacy of an individual’s position in the organization provides him/her Authority. Whereas Power is an individual’s capacity to influence decisions. The ethical use of power expands on a leader’s ability to influence. Review these Leadership Power Types and choose one to profile for this writing assignment. Choose one (or more) Power Type and provide examples of the type as it relates to influence as a leader. Use references to support your submitted material. Do you know someone who exhibited this Power Type – a boss, a spouse, a parent? Or do you recognize this Power Type in someone well-known in American History, Industry, Commerce, or Government?

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