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Submit your presentation on Employee Motivation (7–9 slides, including speaker notes). In your presentation, address the following: Explain how managers use the motivation and performance formula (Lussier, 2017, p. 355) [performance = ability x motivation x resources] to motivate their employees. (1–2 slides)  List and describe three motivation theories. (2–3 slides)  Identify 3–5 rewards and recognitions organizations use to motivate employees. (2 slides)  Describe two motivation strategies that managers can use to improve performance. (2 slides) In Part 2 of your presentation, be sure to include a cover slide and References slide. In addition, provide speaker notes for each slide that you could use as a script to present this training orally to a group of new managers.  
Note: Be sure to reference at least two scholarly sources to support your work. Use the Week 5 Assignment Template, provided in this week’s Learning Resources, to complete this Assignment.



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