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Professional Requirements in Psychology
As you probably gathered from your exploration in the unit studies, professions in psychology carry a wide range of requirements and responsibilities ranging from professional credentialing, academic preparation, training, licensure, and more. Understanding the full range of requirements for your specialized interests and particular career is essential to ensuring you achieve your vision for contributing to the field of psychology. Use this discussion to clarify the requirements for your particular career path. *(Career Path: Certified Researcher)*
In your post, respond to the following questions:

Do your plans involve any particular license, certification, or other requirements? If so, are there restrictions to that license? For example, do you need to be supervised by a doctoral-level person or by someone with an advanced license?
Are there particular professional organizations that govern your specialized field?
What professionals and individuals would be helpful in your professional network to help you clarify these requirements and move forward in your career?
In what ways were the readings from Career Paths in Psychology and information from other sources helpful for finding out about requirements?
What remaining questions do you have about the requirements for your career in psychology?

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