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The project will address client’s needs to upgrade their 3 existing legacy data centers and migrate eligible applications to the Cloud:
Total of 3 primary data centers (2 for Production and 1 for Disaster Recovery)
All 3 data centers share redundant WAN circuits (2 MPLS and 1 Point-2Point) for users and data traffic
Client has a total of 145 enterprise applications and 1350 servers:
450 Windows Servers
550 Unix Servers
350 ESX, VMWare, and legacy AIX servers
Allowed project budget is $1.5 Million with a $150K for contengecies
The client is open to the top 3 Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud)
You have the ability to assemble your team
Stakeholders are also open to your specific and project needs (define their roles and responsibilities as you see them
All 3 Data centers are in the United States – the DR DC must be on a different State for recovery purposes
Week 4 – Scope and Schedule: At the end of week 4, you are to finalize the initial approved scope from week one an
d start building the project schedule. In this week, you are also to work on building the project Work-Breakdown Str
ucture (WBS). Project scope and schedule will include the following components:
Finalized project scope
Project requirements – in more details
WBS structure
Developed project schedule
Identify key milestones and deliverables
Outline project resources and assign them to tasks accordingly.
Stakeholder engagement – communication plan
NOTE: I have added project guide and work I have done so far, need help with rest of the sections in week4 and Feel free to edit the content 

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