Project part 3: remote access and vpns

As you are aware, many remote users will soon need access to the internal network and services. A remote access and virtual private network (VPN) plan is needed to connect it all together.
The senior network architect has asked you to create the plan that will allow secure remote access to the internal network while preventing unauthorized access. He specifically requested that all information transferred between remote users and the organizational servers be protected against snooping.
For this part of the project, perform the following tasks:
1. Research and recommend the most appropriate VPN technology. The most likely solution is either an Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) VPN or SSL/TLS VPN. Describe the VPN technology and explain why it is the best choice for Corporation Techs.
2. Recommend any other forms of remote access that are relevant and describe how they would be used.
3. Create a draft report detailing all information as supportive documentation.
4. Cite sources, where appropriate.
Submission Requirements

Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible)
Font:      Arial, size 12, double-space
Citation style: Your school’s preferred style guide
Length of report: 3–4 pages

Self-Assessment Checklist

I researched and recommended an appropriate VPN technology.
I described the VPN technology and explained why it is the best      choice.
I recommended other forms of remote access that are relevant and      described how they would be used.
I created a professional, well-developed report with proper      documentation, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
I followed the submission guidelines.

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