ps360 applied behavior analysis unit 9 assignment finals

Assignment Details

Complete this week’s Learning Activity to prepare for the Assignment.

PS360-3: Apply applied behavior analysis principles to real-world scenarios.

PS360-4: Determine the best behavior modification techniques to apply in different scenarios.

GEL-6.02: Incorporate outside research into an original work appropriately.

PC-3.1: Conduct oneself to reflect the professional characteristics and culture of a given work setting.

For this week’s assignment, you are a working behavior analyst! You have conducted a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) that included both the Indirect Assessment and the Direct Descriptive Assessment so you can now hypothesize the probable function of the target behavior and create a function-based behavior intervention plan (BIP). This week, you will create a narrated 10-12 slide Power Point to present to your client’s parents to explain the results of the FBA and your BIP. After the presentation to the parents, remember to obtain informed consent!

Read to the Case Scenario: Trapped

Review the resources from the FBA:

  • Indirect Assessment: Intake Form
  • Indirect Assessment: Interview Form
  • Direct Descriptive: Assessment: A-B-C Form

Create a 10-12 slide narrated PowerPoint Presentation to include the following:

  • Identification of the target behavior and the operational definition of the target behavior.
  • Contingencies triggering (Discriminative Stimulus) and maintaining (Reinforcement) the target behavior.
  • Hypothesis of the probable function of the target behavior based upon the A-B-C data.
  • Design a function-based behavior intervention plan.
  • Explain the implementation process and the rationale for the behavior intervention plan (BIP).
  • Identify the schedule of reinforcement for the BIP and provide a rationale for the selection of that schedule.
  • Identify the approaches that will be used to insure generalization and maintenance of the desired behavior change.


Your PowerPoint Presentation should incorporate narration, as indicated, and be between 10-12 slides in length, not including the title and reference slides. You should apply APA Style formatting throughout your presentation as applicable.

You should use only the sources contained in the course for this assignment.

Reading and Resources

Read the following:

Chapter 13 in Applied Behavior Analysis (3rd ed.): “Schedules of Reinforcement”

Chapter 13 introduces schedules of reinforcement and the effects continuous and intermittent schedules have on behavior. The four variations of basic intermittent schedules are explained and the characteristic effects of each on behavior are discussed.

Chapter 30 in Applied Behavior Analysis (3rd ed.): “Generalization and Maintenance of Behavior Change”

Chapter 30 presents the concept of generalization of behavior change, as well as maintenance of the behavior change over time. The authors focus on the three main types of generalization, i.e., generalized behavior change (response maintenance); setting/situation generalization; and response generalization. The rationale for programming for generalization and maintenance is presented and processes for programming are explained.

Chapter 8 in How to Think Like a Behavior Analyst: Understanding the Science that Can Change Your Life: “Getting Started in a Career in Behavior Analysis”

Students of applied behavior analysis (ABA) often have many questions regarding what a career in ABA actually entails; what types of jobs are “out there,” how to get started in the field, and many questions about Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) certification. Chapter 8 addresses each of these questions and much more!


Cooper, J., & Heron, T., & Heward, W. (2019) Applied Behavioral Analysis (3rd ed.) Person Education


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