Psychology Statements

Traumatic experiences in the military can bring about profound changes. It’s not unusual for a man or woman to enter the service as one person and emerge as someone markedly different. PTSD can turn a friendly, outgoing person into a withdrawn loner. It can turn a calm, easygoing person into a powder keg. It can turn an active person into someone who’s afraid to leave the house. It can turn a productive worker into a problem employee. It can turn a devoted husband or wife into a spouse who’s moody and distant, or even abusive. It can turn a devoted parent into an absent father or mother.

In this scenario, the veteran served during combat and also experienced sexual assault.

In this 2 part assignment, compose a letter describing what you’ve observed

Part 1- perspective as a fellow service member and friend that served with the female veteran

Part 2- perspective as a co-worker who met the female veteran after service

Describe the veteran’s PTSD/depression symptoms in detail, giving specific examples. Does the veteran panic when a helicopter flies overhead or a firecracker goes off? Is the veteran constantly on guard, checking to make certain that all the doors and windows in the family home are locked? At a restaurant, does the veteran insist on taking a seat facing the exit, to make sure there’s an escape route? Does the veteran often wake up from nightmares, shaking and crying out in terror?

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