read the attached science article titled quot the beagle in a bottle quot

Read the attached science article titled “The Beagle in a Bottle”. The paper is based on evolutionary premises which we will cover in the last unit of the semester. Answer the following questions in a single full page (single spaced). You may need to read it over several times to understand it so begin working on it now and modify it when we cover the unit on evolution. You have until the last day of the semester to turn this in so you have plenty of time to work on it. Feel free to ask me questions as well. This is worth 20 points and will be all or nothing so make sure to write an entire page on this article and follow the questions.

1.) Write down the exact statement in which the author describes what the paper is about.

2.) Describe the purpose of the paper. What is it trying to convey about evolution?

3.) What is the gap in research the authors are trying to fill in with this paper (what is unknown here)?

4.) Briefly summarize the methods to the study (don’t worry about the statistics). What was being measured? What are the treatments?

5.) Make notes on the major results or findings. Then write one statement about the conclusion in your own words.

6.) Reading over the study in its entirety, do you believe the conclusions are believable?

7.) In your own words write the significance of this study and its contributions to the real world?

8.) Did you enjoy reading this paper? Did you learn anything? Did it persuade you towards an idea?


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