Readmission after sepsis

This week we will focus on the evidence-based practice that impacts patient outcomes across the continuum of care. In a paper:

  • Select a patient outcome such as readmissions or an indicator of quality for continuum of care. State the outcome/indicator selected as your paper title.
  • Search the literature for position statements, research, standards of practice, and other evidence of best practice (minimum of 4 peer-reviewed, professional, government, or civic/community sources). Sources can’t be more than 5 years old
  • Explain where you searched (1 brief paragraph on method, databases, date range, and description of sources/organizations).
  • Summarize key findings (1/2 page) and best practice(s) (1/2 page) from the literature search.
  • Appraise best practices for general application or specific application to your setting based on the following EBP framework (1 page):
    • (1) Evidence – Evaluate the strength of the evidence.
    • (2) Patient Preferences/Values
    • (3) Clinical Expertise
    • (4) Context/Environment
  • Reflect on insights related to completing the assignment (1 paragraph):
    • Describe the impact of completing this assignment on your personal feelings and thinking and how it may impact your practice as a leader.
  • Your paper should be an estimated 5 pages including the required title page and reference page.

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