Referral Scorecard Assignment

Referral Scorecard Assignment

Reflect on the following questions and categories. The goal is to rate yourself on a 1-10 scale (1 low, 10 high) on how well you do the following things in networking. Keep a running tally as you reflect on these questions.

At the end give yourself a final score out of 100 & write a short 1-page reflection on what you have learned about networking and this assignment.

Rate yourself on a 1-10 (1 being low, 10 being high) scale in the following categories:

1.Do you project a winning attitude? are you positive or gloomy, enthusiastic or negative, helpful or not a team player. Give yourself a 1 10 on your winning attitude.
2.Service and Participation do you volunteer? Are you a leader or a follower? Do you go the extra mile or do as little as possible? Do you think how can I serve or what can I get? Give yourself a 1 10 on how you view service and participation
3.Referrals do you pay it forward or are you always looking for a handout? Do you view yourself as helpful & sincere or are you just in it for you? Give yourself a 1 10 on your ability to refer others.
4.Self-promotion networking is not just thinking of yourself all of the time do you find ways to keep your name in play with others or do you prefer to be out of sight and out of mind? Give yourself a 1 10 on how well you stick up for yourself or how well you promote yourself.
5.Listening how well do you listen? Do you focus on drawing people out? Do you listen more than you talk? Give yourself a 1 10 on how well you listen to others.
6.Meet new contacts do you take opportunities to meet new people? Are you taking advantage of being a member of an organization you may be in? Give yourself a 1 10 on how open to meeting new people you are.
7.Respect Dont be a snob. Do you always give people your undivided attention or do you gaze around looking for others to talk to? If you dont respect people in the industry with respect do you think it could come back to hurt you in the future? Give yourself a 1 10 on how you treat people with respect.
8.Comfort zone how well are you at introducing yourself to others and putting yourself out there? When confronted with unfamiliar people do you say hello or keep to yourself? Do you like to try new things or do you prefer to stay involved with things you know you can be successful at? Give yourself a 1 10 on how well you get out of your comfort zone.
9.Assertiveness Do you ask for what you want or do you just go with the flow? Especially when you get your first job you are going to have to stand up for yourself and ask for what you want, dont cut yourself short. Give yourself a 1 10 on how assertive you are.
10.Follow through how good are you at keeping in touch or following up with people? Make sure to follow through or follow up with people within 48 hours. Give yourself a 1 10 on how well you follow up with people.

______ – FINAL SCORE


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