Reflection 1 | Criminal homework help

To complete this reflection, you must have acquired some knowledge on identifying crime victims, the causes of victimization, and the post-traumatic stress disorders associated with victimization. (Lectures notes are listed in the module section for your review.) Read the reflection story and answer the questions
Your response must contain the reflection activity questions listed below and have some terminology,  ideologies,  and theories presented in the lecture notes. 

Create a title page using APA structure.

    (Special note: Font Size must be a 12)

Write out the questions.
Write the answer to the questions using a minimum of 150 words each question, and make sure you use citations when appropriate. 

Reflection Activity Question:

Do you think Cyntoia Brown is a victim? Explain. 
as her Sentence too harsh? 

3.Why do you think Cyntoia did not report Mr. Cut Throat to the police? 
4. What are some of the barriers Cyntoia could have potentially experienced if she reported her prostitutions actions to the police?
5. Should Cyntoia protective behavior be stimulated to guard herself against further victimization. 

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