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This dissertation is to explore how perceived enjoyment affects continuous use of mobile games, and what elements drive perceived enjoyment. This writing is a part of the results chapter. I have
conducted PLS and bootstrapping for my model in SmartPLS 3. Please intepret and analyse the output PLS and bootstrapping results. It should encompass the reliability and validity of the measures
and also their convergent and discriminant validities. You should explain the meaning of the output with references, and provide an evaluation on how accurate (i.e., reliable) the measures are,
what do they indicate, whether they pass the minimum threhold, how significant the constucts predict the dependant variable, how much they are in accordance with recommended values by literatures,
In the uploaded file you can find the output results, in case the pictures in the Word document are not clear, please inform me and I will send over the original screenshots. At the end of the
output results file you can find a corresponding names of the constructs, as in SmartPLS output, some of the construct names are displayed different in the model and in output reports. The writing
should be clear and structured, the figures and tables I provide do not count words. It’s a pure analysis of the output so introductory texts are not needed.


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