research problem s justify your selection of 1 2 research problems to focus upon in your research

  1. use the decision problem and exploratory research to come up with the research problem; Research problem(s) – justify your selection of 1-2 research problems to focus upon in your research. Use the information provided by your business, AND include secondary and exploratory research to justify your research question. This section needs outside articles! For the research problem, make sure what you choose is something that is related to the decision problem, AND that you can answer with your project. Remember that you are conducting research with consumers using surveys, so the research problem should be consumer focused, and you need to consider in your research design what information you can collect from consumers that would be useful to the business, and answer research questions.

Decision Problem: The organization has utilized discount vouchers via Groupon, in order to attract new customers. Although this has increased consumer traffic within the company, many of the clients fail to return after the Groupon code has been used.

side notes I made for myself : (incase it helps)

investigate consumer spending habit of Groupon customers (do they consistently purchase discount vouchers)

access consumer motivation when introduced to promotional offering relayed directly through the company (referral program/loyalty program)


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