Research the “every student succeeds act” (essa) | ED 533 OL1- Curriculum Deveolopment | Alcorn State University

Week #4- Eras of Curriculum History
This week’s Article Analysis #2 is with a total of 10 points; please upload a written report to this posted assignment. Your questions for this week are:
Article Analysis #2 Assignment:
Research the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA) and discuss how it has impacted schools since its inception.  Also, share if  ESSA is a good replacement for No Child Left Behind. Please refer to the course syllabus for specific details in the report; these details can be found under Section VIII.  The primary purpose of providing assignments is to analyze whether you have understood a specific topic or subject. Report should be two to three pages, assign-mentnumber,date,TimesNewRomanfontstyle,12fontsize,doublespaced,andwithareferencepage.APAwritingstyleshallbeusedwhencitingreferences. 

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