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A Professional Interview

So.. you are here at the end of your degree program, and looking forward to what comes next in your career in the environmental science field. Which job would you like to have? Do you know the roles and responsibilities for that position? In this exercise, you will have the opportunity to explore some of these questions and network with someone in your field. You will be conducting an interview of a professional in the environmental science field. You may ask your instructor for assistance if you are unsure where to begin, but consider the types of jobs you are seeking. Who in your local community has a similar position that you can reach out to? Perhaps it is the sustainability coordinator for the local school district, an environmental planner, a private consultant that checks groundwater wells or delineates wetlands, an entrepreneur in renewable energy, or a land manager. There are many opportunities for the interview, which should be conducted on the phone or in person. Only rare exceptions will be made to this format. The idea is to connect with a practitioner within your field of interest.

In your interview, address the following:
Their background and why they chose their current position (work or volunteer)
What qualifications they had to get there
What are the most important issues that they deal with on the job
Their advice to you about a career in environmental science
What are they most proud of
What would they do differently in retrospect, etc.
The interview summary should be typed, 2 pages in length, and submitted here in the Assignments area of the classroom. Clearly identify the individual interviewed, their job title, and contact information. The final paragraph should summarize what you learned from this “practitioner” about environmental science, environmental careers, or environmental issues or conflict.

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