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Francis Bacon

A 12-page research paper on an artist, a work of art, or a style or movement of art that is within the boundaries of the Contemporary Art period.
*12 pages of text with footnotes. Your title page and bibliography are separate from the body of text. Do not include any clip art, images, or precious decorative embellishments. Use black ink. The way your paper looks is the first thing a reader sees, and it makes a positive impression if it is crisp and professional in appearance.
*Double-spaced, 12-point Book Antiqua font, 1.25” margins.
*Footnotes or endnotes must be in Chicago Manual of Style. Basic rules are online at
*Use at least six (6) sources: three (3) books and three (3) scholarly articles. Do not use your textbook as a source. You may use scholarly articles downloaded from EBSCO or JSTOR. Wikipedia articles are NOT acceptable as sources. Neither are web pages, with the exception of artists’ (if they are alive) homepages. Anything written by another author that you include without a citation constitutes plagiarism.
*Outline and draft due Week 8. I will give you a checklist to use; attach it to your draft and make sure you have checked each requirement.
*Corrected draft (final version) due Week 12. Papers turned in after Week 12 will lose one (1) letter grade per day.

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