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Assessment of Languages and Literacy Development

List the four mandates that NCLB imposed on the state education agencies.


Name at least four informal tests/assessments teachers use in their classrooms and the reasons/value for using them.


When appropriate accommodations or modification for a high-stakes standardized assessment cannot be achieved for a student, what are the guidelines (as set by the National Center on Educational Outcomes) regarding alternative assessments?


Find out what informal assessments he/she uses at his/her grade level for reading/language arts and what those assessments measure. AND find out how he/she documents progress on TEKS for each student.


Formal assessment for placement purposes is generally done by the diagnostician. An interpreter may be required to facilitate communication.
Briefly explain what you, as the classroom teacher, would need to do to prepare the interpreter to be ready to interpret/transliterate for a young deaf child in such a setting


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