Create a communication plan as a change leader to help manage communication about the organizational change identified in the Organizational Change Process Learning Team project.

**Address the following when designing your communication plan:

a. Objectives of the communication plan

b. Target audience

c. Procedures for sharing/distributing the communication plan (e.g., resources, technology)

d. Frequency and forms (modalities) of communication

e. Evaluation of the communication plan by target audience to determine its effectiveness

**Explain your communication plan using Power Point. Presentations should address stakeholders, emphasize organizational change, and be visually oriented with speaker notes or a notes page with supporting text.

Part II. (4.2 pts.)

**Write a 275-300 word initial organizational communication (this may be in business memo format or a Word doc.) based on your communication plan in Part I. The content of the initial communication must address:

a. Specific details of the organizational change

b. Need for the organizational change

c. Effect of the organizational change on resources, personnel, organizational structure, and etc.

d. Timeline for organizational change

e. Gaining buy in and stakeholder engagement in the organizational change process.

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