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Interpersonal Conflict

Conflict Paper #1

A Case Study of Interpersonal Conflict


To observe, report, and map an interpersonal conflict.

To utilize the concepts from lecture and readings.

To competently write an analysis, supporting your contentions with the literature on Interpersonal Conflict.


Choose a specific or ongoing conflict to analyze for this paper.

Describe the conflict with necessary detail to provide clarity to the reader.

Description should identify the participants, the issues, the background events leading to the conflict and its context. You may change the names.

Explain how it fits the definition of conflict.

Is it a conflict over content, process, or relationship power?

Utilize Chapter 7 in Wilmot and Hocker to map the conflict.

What are the conflict management behaviors of the participants, and the outcomes of the conflict management behaviors?

How is power being employed? Are any of the Four Horsemen present? Explain.

Are there inherent metaphors at work that are contributing to the drama of the conflict?

Employ theories and principles from the course and the readings thus far, to explain and describe the conflict.

After identifying what is occurring, assess possible changes that could be implemented to change the trajectory of the conflict. You must use theories to support your contentions.

It may be prudent to alter the names of the participants to honor confidentiality. Analysis should employ theories and principles drawn from assigned readings and class lectures and discussions. Try to use these theories and principles to identify ways the participants could more constructively and effectively manage the conflict. Papers must be academically strong and written in APA style. You must cite all sources within the paper and include an APA style reference list, 10-12 point font, 1” margins (NOT 1.25); double or 1.5 line spacing. Start at the top of the page, 5-7 pages (not 4 ½, not 7 ½).

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