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Cramp your style definition in writing of muscle it

[count noun] ‘he endured severe cramps inside the foot’

More example sentences

  • ‘After 5 hrs of cycling, Matteo had terrible hunger cramps it is also designed to prevent.’
  • ‘Abdominal discomfort or cramps, diarrhea, and sometimes vomiting would be the common signs and signs and signs and symptoms of gastrointestinal infections.’
  • ‘Rena walked towards it, fumbling on the way because of cramps within their quads.’
  • ‘Cramps frequently occur whenever a player is dehydrated.’
  • ‘Heat exhaustion might have been complicated in Radcliffe’s situation by heat cramp.’
  • ‘She opened up up up and closed her hands to alleviate the cramp which was building incorporated.’
  • ‘Pantothenic acidity lack causes fatigue, headaches, nausea, abdominal discomfort tingling, cramps and the probability of lung infections.’
  • ‘Generally, the cramp occurs because of repetitive exercise.’
  • ‘However some discomfort or achiness is normal, severe abdominal discomfort or cramps generally is a indication of a considerable problem.’
  • ‘Last season she complained they was getting stomach cramps on game days because of her fears.’
  • ‘In a single scene, for instance, Paul could possibly get painful stomach cramps.’
  • ‘However, it’s symmetric, so left-handed folks it’s still capable of apply it without getting muscle cramps.’
  • ‘She’d abdominal cramps and shooting pelvic discomfort.’
  • ‘The runner suffers severe muscle discomfort and cramp furthermore to crippling abdominal discomfort.’
  • ‘Signs and signs and signs and symptoms of infection may include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea.’
  • ‘Fortunately, the issue only proven to obtain cramp in calves.’
  • ‘For quite a while, quinine sulfate remains broadly familiar with treat nocturnal leg muscle cramps.’
  • ‘The etiology of nocturnal leg muscle cramps isn’t apparent.’
  • ‘Finally, co2 accumulates within the bronchi as well as the bloodstream stream stream along with the cramps partly subside.’
  • ‘I rub her back, rock backward and forward, murmur soothing nothings against her hair before the cramp subsides.’

muscle spasm.

Cramp your style definition in writing held by

muscular spasm, muscle contraction, muscular contraction, pang, twinge

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crick. kink, stitch, stiffness, discomfort, shooting discomfort, discomfort, convulsion, tic, twitch

  1. 1.1 United states . States Abdominal discomfort introduced on by monthly period.
  • ‘Inside your period, you might have cramps or discomfort in your stomach or back.’
  • ‘Frequently the consequence of hormonal imbalance, menstrual cramps are common in teenagers and youthful women.’
  • ‘Be it menstrual cramps or back discomfort, osteo-joint disease or migraine, acupuncturists state they correct it all.’
  • ‘The best normal period, a lengthy time earlier, had lasted 6 days plus it was connected with abdominal cramps and discomfort.’
  • ‘Then clearly you will find full-on menstrual cramps.’
  • ‘Orgasms help alleviate menstrual cramps.’
  • ‘Naprelan could be a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug acquainted with relieve mild to moderate discomfort and menstrual cramps.’
  • ‘Such hormones are frequently prescribed for painful menstrual cramps and cysts on ovaries, among other concerns.’
  • ‘Several research has proven that kava kava might help reduce anxiety and induce sleep, furthermore to reduce menstrual cramps.’
  • ‘Doctors prescribe dental contraceptives for contraception and to relieve menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome or pms or pms or pms.’
  • ‘‘There were many occasions after i felt faint at matches due to menstrual cramps,’ Susan states.’
  • ‘Possibly someone was together to help ease osteo-joint disease discomfort, headaches or painful menstrual cramps.’
  • ‘Exactly the same remedies realistically work with menstrual cramps also lessen the discomfort of endometriosis.’
  • ‘Ibuprofen is useful for menstrual cramps and discomfort from inflammation (for example muscle sprains).’
  • ‘This acrylic is frequently helpful for female complaints, for example PMS, menstrual cramps and menopause.’
  • ‘Problems that take full advantage of acupuncture include neck discomfort, menstrual cramps, migraines, carpal tunnel symptoms signs and symptoms and kidney gemstones.’
  • ‘Take 1 teaspoon within the liquid extract every hour until your cramps subside.’
  • ‘My last appointment each week is a new patient presenting with menstrual cramps.’
  • ‘Lots of women also experience abdominal cramps with the initial couple of occasions from the periods.’
  • ‘For several, contractions may appear like strong menstrual cramps.’

2 A guitar, typically produced like a capital G, for clamping two objects together for gluing or any other work.

Cramp your style definition in writing had terrible
  • ‘Clamping dovetails is difficult however i have discovered that you could glue them up without cramps whatsoever.’
  1. 2.1 Metallic bar with bent ends for holding masonry together.

‘the facade includes travertine blocks without mortar but held by metal cramps’

‘tighter rules will cramp economic growth’

More example sentences

  • ‘Tradition not just cramps a persons spirit, it may be harmful for the economy.’
  • ‘He never did anything, just present every day, always awaiting me and cramping my existence.’
  • ‘The ever-present pyramid is poorly used, cramping the primary action in a unlit area upstage.’
  • ‘The general effect is handsome without cramping the understanding.’
  • ‘The issues while using the current law have cramped the development of aquaculture for quite a while.’
  • ‘In favouring the obdurate option, U . s . states . cramped Celtic for room and impressively limited their effectiveness.’
  • ‘When you’re getting up in the beginning, you can most likely travel no under 300 miles every single day don’t cramp yourself before long limits.’
  • ‘The racial prejudice against non-Fijians inhibited and cramped the development and fitness of Sikhism.’
  • ‘But honestly, the folks who’d been clearly requested were cramping the all-girl scene.’
  • ‘One of many legit causes of doing this, I recognized that I’d virtually convinced myself being with him cramped my creativeness.’
  • ‘Everyone are cramping my play so please retreat.’
  • ‘But many of centralisation cramps the leadership characteristics which are seriously needed to modernise the NHS.’
  • ‘War hardens hearts, eats the economy, and cramps political liberty.’
  • ‘Namely bowling within the wicket, restricting his options drive an automobile through extra cover generally cramping him for room.’

hinder. hamper, hinder, hamper, constrain, hamstring, obstruct, block, thwart, slow, check, arrest, curb, bridle, shackle, encumber, retard, handicap, tie, hinder

restrict. limit, confine, restrain, impose limits on, set limits on, regulate, control, moderate, cut lower on

2 [with object] Fasten obtaining a cramp or cramps.

‘cramp the gates for that posts’

3 [no object] Experience sudden or painful contractions in the muscle or muscles.

‘within the final game, Chang cramped seriously’

More example sentences

  • ‘Heart muscle may cramp when the needs more oxygen due to effort, emotion, or reference to cold.’
  • ‘A chronic condition characterised by abdominal discomfort, cramping, diarrhea and constipation.’
  • ‘She didn’t protest as her muscles cramped up.’
  • ‘Several occasions the person collapsed, though he rose again and stored scrambling, his muscles cramping as well as the old joints creaking.’
  • ‘Her hands had such low muscle it cramped shateringly as she attempted to handle the pencil when she authored.’
  • ‘”I had been losing 10-seconds every mile because my stomach was cramping.’
  • ‘I have used it for almost any good 2 1/2 hrs and my muscles are beginning to cramp up.’
  • ‘The first day back, my quadricep muscle was cramping.’
  • ‘Every muscle within their legs were cramping and her mind was dulled with sleep.’
  • ‘I groaned in pure bliss, feeling the different muscles that cramped after i rested within the Shadow Hall begin to relax.’
  • ‘Her stomach was cramping but she understood it might be too soon to give the baby.’
  • ‘Lactose intolerance might cause bloating, cramping, diarrhea and excess gas.’
  • ‘I’d was without water or food all day long lengthy extended and my stomach was cramping almost unbearably.’
  • ‘She’d been holding this factor within her for this kind of extended time her muscles were cramping.’
  • ‘Our muscles cramped because we did not move much.’
  • ‘Let’s say his muscles began to cramp due to insufficient warm-up exercise?’
  • ‘There are a variety of possible causes of muscles to cramp up.’
  • ‘Why our legs cramp after we are becoming up?’
  • ‘And muscles cramping up while flying might be deadly.’
  • ‘Her moves elevated to obtain automatic, her muscles cramped towards the same movements again and again.’


cramp someone’s style

informal Prevent an individual from acting freely or naturally.

‘he isn’t putting any pressure on me that will cramp my style’

More example sentences

  • ‘People ascend for your toes, nudge for your front and merely cramp your factor beneath the arches.’
  • ‘I acquired sick all over the world champs which cramped my style, however did not shame myself.’
  • ‘No under everybody is aware of this motherhood gig is not prone to cramp our style.’
  • ‘I love action tales dull conferences can cramp my style.’
  • ‘A coalition government along with a secular metabolic process have cramped their style.’
  • ‘He pointed out it cramps his type of getting really big dollars from Fat Cats.’
  • ‘The reality hasn’t cramped their style formerly that is unlikely to accomplish this with the current confirmation proceedings.’
  • ‘The peg didn’t hold the signs and signs and symptoms of cramped his style across the oasis, or while using the ladies.’
  • ‘He’s also partly-sighted, but has not allow that cramp his style.’
  • ‘Never, ever go clubbing with buddies: they’ll only cramp your factor.’

restrict. restrain, limit, constrain, confine, cramp

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