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Why We Crave Horror Movies

Paragraph Assignment
Length: 200 words;
Write a 200-word paragraph that makes a claim about the use of ethos, logos, or pathos in either
Stephen King’s “Why We Crave Horror Movies” or Bertrand Russell’s “What I Have Lived
For.” Choose one, not both.
Your paragraph must have the following features:
– a topic sentence that begins the paragraph and contains a topic plus a controlling idea
That is, it must make a claim about the text.
– supporting sentences that provide details from the essay to illustrate
– supporting sentences that explain how the details achieve their effect
– good coherence (Sentences must connect somehow. Consider using transition words
such as “one,” “first,” “another,” “also,” “finally,” “most important,” and so on.)
– a concluding sentence/comment of some sort (This should not be the same as your topic
sentence. Ask yourself the “so what?” question to come up with a possible conclusion.)
Your assignment must be properly formatted according to MLA style (see guidelines provided
Give your paragraph a title. Capitalize all words except articles (a/an/the), prepositions (location
words like in, at, to, from, with, of, on), coordinating conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so),
and the “to” in infinitives (to work, to dream)—unless this word is at the beginning of a title or subtitle or is the very last word in a title, in which case it should be capitalized. Always capitalize
in a title both words in a hyphenated word (as in “Part-Time Employment”).
Attach a works cited page at the end, treating the essay as though you saw it in the original text
that I copied it from.
Remember to double space the works cited page entry and use a hanging indent if the type takes
up more than one line. Indent the second line by 1/2 inch (one tab space).
Please provide a word count at the bottom of the page. Count only the words in the paragraph
itself, including any words quoted from the essay. Do not count your name and course number
information or the information on the works cited page.
What I will look for:
– effective paragraph structure
– clear and accurate expression, including good sentence structure and correct use of
– good integration of quotes
– correct MLA formatting
– demonstrated understanding of the concept of appeals to ethos, logos, pathos

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