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Your thinking or interpretive stance

For this week’s discussion board, I’d first like you to tell me simply what you think about these French fellows: de Saussure, Levi-Strauss, Barthes, and Foucault. You may comment on anything you like, but I’d like you to speak to something you found interesting or relative to your thinking or interpretive stance.

Secondly, how do you interpret your life? Do you see yourself in a sea of competing cultures with opportunity abounding or do you believe you are limited in what is possible because of what you experience? What are your strategies and tactics to get what you want in life? Do you make the most of your possibilities because of your circumstances or in spite of them? I would also like you to write about one discourse community you belong to and write about how is continues to shape who you are? A discourse community can be where you work, go to school, where you live, where you go with others to share a common purpose or hobby.

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