Interview an Entrepreneur assignmentEvery entrepreneur has a story. What beliefs and expectations do you have entrepreneur’s stories? To what extent do you think they conform to media images of entrepreneurs? In what ways might you expect them to be different?For this assignment you’ll need to identify and interview (20 minutes) an entrepreneur of your choosing.INTERVIEW TEMPLATE:Find and introduce yourself to an entrepreneur – any type of entrepreneur will work. Ask for 20 minutes of his or her time and simply start with the opening questions Tell me the story about how you became an entrepreneur.As the story unfolds you may want to ask other questions.What worried you most as you started the venture?What excited you most about staring the venture?What resources did you use to start? Where did they come from?What moments do you remember most?Who helped you along the way?How do you describe yourself to others?What advice do you have for me as student of entrepreneurship?After this 20-minute conversation reflect on the beliefs and expectations you started with and answers to these questionsIn what ways did the chosen entrepreneur confirm your beliefs and expectations?In what ways did the story motivate you (or not)What did you learn that was most unexpected?P.S. You don’t have to interview an Entrepreneur for real, just invent it!The post Interview an Entrepreneur assignment appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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