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A Good Man Is Hard To Find

No less than 3.5 -4 pages double-spaced
Flannery O’Connor — Character Analysis
Do either Topic A OR B

A Good Man is Hard to Find

First, show and discuss through use of short quotations from the story and your expansion and analysis of these, the characteristics and attitude of EITHER the Grandmother, OR The Misfit, as illustrated in the story. What are their major flaws? How are these apparent through their words and actions? How do they negatively affect others? Finally, discuss any positive changes or “moment(s) of truth” that suggest their final redemption. Be sure that you show through quoting and analyzing the strong possibility of their more enlightened perspective at the end of the story. (Your thesis, will make a claim about either the Grandmother’s, or The Misfit’s characteristics, and how /why it is apparent that she/he changes at the end.

Avoid phrases like “I think,” or I believe, or I suppose… You are not being asked to intuit or guess anything about these characters. Instead, you look at their words, actions, reactions, thoughts, etc. and you logically deduce their meaning and significance in relation to your thesis. The answers are all in the text and how you analyze it, not in your guesswork, or intuitive response. You can only SHOW how you arrive at conclusions through your use of short quotes and your discussion and analysis of these.

Avoid seeking for answers on the internet or in critical essays. Rely on your own powers of assessing and understanding! I will know if you have resorted to Cliff Notes or other sources.
Note: If you wish, you may use ONE outside source that supports your analyses. This must be an academic source from the library, not from the internet. Recognise this source according to M.L.A. conventions – within your text with parentheses, and on a Works Cited Sheet at the end of your paper.
Further Note: Refer to my handout on including quotations in your paper. No need to introduce quotes by referring to the narrator/author. No need to mention the reader. Just integrate short quotes naturally into your paper so the whole sentence, your words and the quoted words make sense.

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