Making Connections Scaffolding AssignmentSee both videos that I attached here: Big Ideas: Choose two resources that we (or you and your team) did not pair off in class on Tu/Th. You are permitted to select one of the authors that you used in teams and one that we used as a class. You can also use an entirely new set, including the new resources posted. Identify 4-5 big ideas (major claims, arguments) from each of the authors, and check your notes to make sure that they are big ideas.Connect: Connect the big ideas from these first two resources. You need to both map these connections and name the connections. We likened it to a conversation between the two authors. Also, be sure not to insert yourself into the conversation. The benefit of a visual mapping like this is that it allows you to include connections that you might not be able to initially articulate in words. This can be hand-written and hand-drawn or you can type up the text and hand-draw and write the connections portion. (I recommend the latter so that it might be easier to edit, but I leave the choice up to you.) In either case, the visual mapping should be thorough so that someone viewing it has a good idea of the connections and your reasoning. At the same time, it is a visual so it can’t be too dense with text.Connect to Connections: Once these initial linkages are made, layer in a third resource. This resource will likely not have the same extensive overlap as the other two so it might be more challenging to integrate. However, this just requires that you give it more thought. When you layer in this third resource, you will identify the 3-4 big ideas of the author, and then connect these big ideas to the connections between the first two authors. You are connecting to the connections. Think of it as the third author coming into a conversation that is already occurring between the first two authors.Theme: Examine the conversation that you mapped among the 3 authors. What would you label as the theme or topic of that conversation? Place the theme in one of the corners.Search and Locate. Once you complete 1-3, and identified a theme in 4, search for and locate an article or video that specifically addresses that theme. You can use same authors but different resource. Read/view the new resource, and place author, name of article/video, and 3-4 big ideas under the theme.Cite: On the reverse side of the mapping, cite all 4 of your resources.Submit: Bring a hard copy of your mapping to turn in on Tuesday.The post Making Connections Scaffolding Assignment appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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