MAN4102 Team Project Part 1 According to, there is a list with the top 50 U.S. companies for 2018 all ranked based on diversity. Many of these companies differ from retail, banking, packaged goods, and so on. Two companies at high-ranking positions on the DiversityInc’s list is Johnson & Johnson (ranked #1) and Marriott International (ranked #2). Johnson & Johnson has done well in ensuring that they utilize diversity and inclusion throughout the talent management spectrum from recruitment to development to advancement. The Marriott International empowers their workers to make decisions that will help their customers and affects the company’s success. Two companies at middle-ranking positions are Toyota Motor N.A. (ranked #25) and the Walt Disney Company (ranked #26). Toyota Motor N.A. Toyota ensures to build diversity and inclusion responsibility in all of their supplier operations as well as repeatedly growing their network owned by women, minorities, etc. The Walt Disney Company does well in telling stories that bring people together and the company has practically twice as many African Americans in the top two levels as well as 35% more women on the board of directors than the top 10 ranking companies. Two companies that are at the low-ranking positions are Humana (ranked #48) and The Boeing Company (ranked #49). Humana and its foundation have announced grants that will provide investments for the long-term in diverse community programs in order to address the social factors of health. The Boeing Company has hosted several internal forums all over the world that are aimed at empowering women in order to create dialogue, attract talent, and make strategies for personal and professional development. The high-rankings of Johnson & Johnson & Marriott International, the middle-rankings of Toyota Motor N.A. & Walt Disney Company, and the low-rankings of Humana and The Boeing Company all differ in their other rankings such as in mentoring and recruitment. All these companies generate some sort of revenue among other things in order to stay in business but when it comes down to these rankings, employment can also have a role in that. Each company runs differently but relies on a certain amount of employees in order to ensure more production and that responsibilities are taken care of. In the high-rankings, Johnson & Johnson (135,918 employees) and Marriott International (175,215) are combined for 310,913 employees currently for 2018. In the middle-rankings, Toyota N.A. (364,445 employees) and Walt Disney Company (195,724 employees) are combined for 560, 169 employees currently for 2018. In the low-rankings, Humana (46,318 employees) and The Boeing Company (125,539 employees) are combined for 171,857 employees currently for 2018.Throughout the world today, there are several U.S. owned organizations that strive for diversity and utilize certain trends and tools in order to help them increase the organizational awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Through research, some of these U.S. owned organizations that are for diversity and inclusion are Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Mastercard, Disney, and the Marriott International. For Coca-Cola, diversity is an imperative part of what the company is as a whole as well as how they operate. Coca-Cola has diversity education programs which include diversity training, a diversity speaker series, and a diversity library. As of 2017, a parental benefits policy was put into action and this was helpful for mothers and fathers as 6 weeks of paid leave is extended to them. This move was supported by a group of young employees known as the ‘Coca-Cola Millennial Voices’ and they will ensure that a good level of employee retention in millennial consumers and staff members. Johnson & Johnson, which is known for their pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods, has filled several of their resources into ensuring that their employees help in creating an inclusive environment. Johnson & Johnson’s global diversity and inclusion vision is maximizing the global power of diversity and inclusion to create top business results and continuous competitive advantages. The company utilizes technology in order to remove gender bias in the job descriptions and ensures training to the interviewers to prevent bias during the interview process as well as launching a training program on reducing unconscious bias. Well-known in financial services, Mastercard has developed a project over a couple of years that allows older employees within the company to become much more active in social media platforms. In acknowledging the generational barriers, Mastercard has utilized the Young Professionals Business Resource Group, which offers a face to face ‘Social Media Reverse Mentoring’ program for older employees who want to be familiar with social media platforms. Disney is known for the magic of storytelling and acknowledges that diversity and inclusion are imperative to its success. Disney has utilized the Global Workplace and Women’s Initiative program, which creates opportunities for women as well as achieving more promotions for Latinos than a big portion of the rest of the companies. Marriott International expands their obligation in creating an inclusive guest experience to their workforce all over the world. Women-owned business enterprises make around 10% of Marriott International’s supply chain and by 2020, the company promises to have 1,500 open hotels owned by diverse partners and women.The post MAN4102 Team Project appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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