Please answer the following3 questions. Please The answers should be precise, and to the point. Please Label your answer correspond to the which question.



Q1. Using the patient discharge process in the uploaded document – “Patient Discharge ProcessB”, explain how the hospital benefits from an ERP solution. Describe why integration of patient records in one system is better than spreading patient records across separated databases. Explain the value of an industry-specific ERP solution to the hospital.



Q2.  To answer this question you need to explore the online sources, some MIS literature on the implementation of large IS Projects /SAP Projects. You may also use your own experience (if any).  Assume, you are the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of a large well established multi-national company with several products, businesses, and operations in several countries. The Board of Directors, have approved the decision, to switch the organization’s IT platform to SAP. The Board asked the CIO, to prepare a plan for the implementation and switch over to SAP, without much disruption to the ongoing operations.  Please explain, how you plan to implement the project. Your plan should cover IT infrastructure, Business Process Re-engineering,change management (changing business practices / processes), training, migration strategies(from existing systems) and detailed time lines. You should also indicate how you will estimate the soft money requirements (all the project costs excluding the money needed for hardware and software licensing). You should also discuss whether you want to hire outside consultants for implementation, if so for what purpose. Discuss potential stress points, especially possible resistance form the “users” to the new business processes.


You may want to refer to this link to guide your thinking on SAP recommended ASAP Methodology for implementation.


Please just do not reproduce the six phases mentioned in the ASAP methodology. You should use the material provided in the “note” as a guideline, and answer the questions listed above.



Q3) Do you recommend implementation of the ERP software, for the two companies, you worked on during the course (Muesli Cereal plant – maximum 200 employees, and GBI). These companies could consider three alternatives: These two companies are considered as SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises). While there are several vendors, who claim to provide ERP software for SMEs (very few of them provide real integrated and analytic solutions for all the functional areas) please evaluate the ERP solutions offered by the following three vendors.


  1. (SAP Business by Design, SAP Business One, SAP HANA/ In-memory computing)


  1. Microsoft Dynamics


  1. Epicor ERP Software


Of these three, SAP offers two different solutions for SMEs: 1. Business One, and 2. Business by Design. Business One can be implemented either in-house or on the cloud maintained by SAP. Business by Design is cloud only service. The cloud-based costs (mostly licensing costs) are similar for both the products. The total cost of operations for the in-house vary by the size of the business, hardware/ software platforms, and the IT staff requirements. For cloud based service the typical costs are about $150 per month per one license with a minimum requirement of 10 licenses.


I do not have the cost information for the other two vendors. EPICOR is offered only on the cloud.


Assuming that both the companies may want to implement an ERP solution, please evaluate the three vendors and make your recommendation. The evaluation should be comprehensive in terms of features, suitability for the companies, the costs, training needs, and analytical reports. Please note that SAP is offering to provide its Business Intelligence tools to its SME products, by leveraging its HANA product (in-memory computing), which is typically used to analyze “Big Data”. You need to provide full justification for your recommendation.


Please also discuss whether the companies should implement an in-house or cloud-based solution – justify your recommendation.


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