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Personal Finance

The final product should be a Word Document or Power Point Presentation.

1- Explore the different accounts offered by three financial institutions: checking accounts, savings accounts and credit cards.

2- Pick the accounts that would fit the needs of each of these individual in the scenarios below:

A student attending College Full-time who works part-time. This student cannot get direct deposit in his account and his average balance per month is $100.
A single parent caring for a child going part-time to college and working full-time. This parent is able to get direct deposit. The average balance of the account would be $300.
A retired couple moving to Boston from California. They’re looking to start a new banking relationship. They have a total of $100,000 in their retirement account. Their average monthly balance is $1500.00 and they get social security checks direct deposited in their accounts.
3- Explain why you picked those accounts for each scenario. What are the monthly fees if any and how can they waive them?

4- What did you learn from your research on this project?

5- Is there any bank that you would recommend over another? Why?

6- Did this project make you think about moving your banking relationship? If yes to where? Why?

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