-Start with an introduction, defining the ‘Joshua Project’ and what type of Project it is. (i.e. change driven/crisis driven/market driven – include a citation.

-Include scope of Project


Project Objectives identification and deliverables


Project life cycle (this particular project)

Use each stage as a sub heading, in each phase select some of the actions to discuss further

4 stages

  1. a) concept/Initiation phase– establishes the need for the project and the feasibility phase
  2. b) design or development phase, designs the service or product, develop schedules and plans for implementing project (include Risk Management)
  3. c) implementation (include risk) phase- implements the project as per the agreed plan
  4. d) commissioning phase, confirms has been completed to the design, the project is closed down (include project quality control)


Roles and Responsibilities for employees in the project

  • Give reason for assigning roles and project (possibly include a citation)

Example/template to assign duty

This is the possible way to assign duties to the existing employees of Joshua Ltd


Project TaskResponsible for
Opening of New BuildingGeneral Manager
Stores ArrangementAssistant Manager 1, 4 Warehouse Staff
Furniture ArrangementAdmin Staff 02
Marketing and PublicityGeneral Manager, Sales Staff
Trade and Office Facilities ManagementAssistant Manager 2
Transferring and Utilizing Employees StructureAdmin Staff 02
Opening Ceremony ManagementAdmin Staff 02


Proposed Work Breakdown Structure

WBSdefined(cited) relevance (cited)


Template in relation to task

Project Task / ActivityTime Duration
Opening of New Building02 Weeks
Stores Arrangement02 Weeks
Furniture Arrangement01 Week
Marketing and Publicity04 Weeks
Trade and Office Facilities Management03 Weeks
Transferring and Utilizing Employees Structure01 Week
Opening Ceremony Management02 Weeks


Budgeting and Costing

-defined, reasons for it, (include citation)


example or template for allocating the pounds:270000 for the Project Task                           Allocated Funds     Actual Expense      Variation

Opening of New Building

Stores Arrangement

Furniture Arrangement

Marketing and Publicity

Trade and Office Facilities Management

Transferring and Utilizing Employees Structure

Opening Ceremony Management


Human Resources management of the Project                                                                                                                                                                                

New Project development Step

Practices (project lifecycle)

Managerial Skills and Essential Leadership (project manager and team management- (Team Building’ motivation and styles of leadership))

Managing Project Risk

 Project Monitoring and Controlling

 (quality control)

 Conclusion and Recommendations.



-Referencing is Harvard Anglia

-Font- times new Roman, no 11/12

-Spacing- double spaced

-Include at least a citation or two per sub-heading, these must be five years current (between 2013-2017) would be okay. 2012 if there is not another option

-Definitions of terms need be referenced from texts; the rest can be from peer reviewed articles


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