Should low turnout be a concern or is it a natural phenomenon? Discuss the main reasons why people do not vote.You are to write two argumentative essays, each a minimum two-pages in length. You must cite your sources in the paper and include a Works Cited page at the end of the assignment to provide full bibliographic information for each of the references that were cited in the text of the paper. Essays must include at least 3 sources outside the textbook. Late assignments will not be accepted without written documentation.I will proofread drafts the week before the stated deadline. Please submit drafts through the link provided under Papers/Projects. While I will not give projected grades on the drafts, I will add comments for improvement. I highly recommend submitting these drafts as it is an easy opportunity for feedback and will essentially guarantee a higher grade on the final essay submission.Papers must be formatted according to MLA style, for papers with no title page (see the following link to access an online resource for MLA style: In addition, please use Times New Roman 12 point as the paper’s font, and ensure the assignment is double-spaced.The papers should have the following elements:Choose from one of three prompts provided. After choosing your prompt, formulate a thesis statement. The thesis statement must be in the introductory paragraph and be the main argument of your essay. The remainder of your essay must explain and defend your argument as stated in the introduction. Do not use first person (I, me, my, etc.).Essays must use at least 3 sources from outside the textbook.Be sure to properly cite within the text (according to MLA style) any information that you obtained from one of your sources. Citations must be provided, even for paraphrased information.Present your argument on the political issue. Think critically about the position you choose and defend and clearly express your thoughts about it in writing. Consider eight standards for critical thinking (Paul and Elder, 2103): clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness. Ask questions, such asHow can I validate the accuracy of my statement?How is this information relevant?How does my conclusion address the complexities of the issue?What is another interpretation or viewpoint of the issue?Does my conclusion follow from the data and/or statements I have provided?Grading will be based on the following criteria:Critical Thinking Skills: the extent to which you have engaged in critical thinking, innovation, and inquiry of a political issue, and has demonstrated analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of information related to the political issue;Communication Skills: the extent to which you have effectively expressed ideas in writing;Personal Responsibility: the ability you have to develop opinions related to a political topic, and recognize the consequences of those choices and decisions;Social Responsibility: the ability you have to demonstrate civic responsibility and engagement by developing an understanding and perspective of a political issue that affects regional, national, and potentially global communities. The post Should low turnout be a concern or is it a natural phenomenon? appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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