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Statement of Motivation

Create a working title for a research paper on your topic.

Determine a motivation for your research project on this topic.

Write your own statement of motivation, telling your reader what attracted you to this topic and why you want to pursue it. Make your reader believe in the significance of your topic as much as you do. This statement can be personal. Don’t be afraid to connect with your own emotions about the topic, and let your reader know how you feel.


I’ve attached a sample “statement of motivation” from the preface of the book “Lost Sounds,” in which the author explains what brought him to write this book. He was studying the “Coon Song” singer George W. Johnson (“The Laughing Coon,” 1898).

You should be able to do this in three short paragraphs (introduction; body; conclusion). Write from the heart. Omit needless words. Make sure that every word, phrase and sentence is true, clear and necessary. Be specific! I want dates and names. Proofread and edit.
Talk about W. C. Handy and the relationship between racism and the blues.

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