For your case study, read the sections titled “Visionary” through     “Affiliative Summary” of the following article from the required reading     assignment:

Preston, G., Moon, J., Simon, R., Allen, S., &     Kossi, E. (2015). The relevance of emotional intelligence in project    leadership.  Journal of Information Technology and Economic    Development, 6(1),  16-40.

In your case study, be sure to address the following items:

  • Include a brief statement as to which of the leadership styles (visionary,              coaching, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and commanding)        presented   in     the article that you are most comfortable employing, in        general.
  • Select and analyze one of the scenarios below. Be sure to provide the              number of the scenario you chose.

Scenario 1: As a manager, you have two employees who have a    difficult  time working together. While nothing specifically unprofessional has    been done  by either one of them, other team members have expressed concern    that  the  differences between them are causing tension, and some other team    members  are  having difficulty performing their work. Some have even gone so    far as to  say  that the situation is causing a hostile work    environment.

Scenario 2: You are a newly hired department director, brought on    board  to help turn around a struggling department. The members of this    department are  highly educated and are taking steps to improve the    professional  development of  department members. Despite these efforts, they    feel they are  underappreciated  and also feel that they lack a voice in the    direction in which  the department is  moving. You have leadership experience   in  a variety of  industries.

  • Based on your understanding of the discussed leadership styles in the              article, which would you choose to handle this situation?
  • What elements of that style do you feel will be most helpful in resolving              the problems faced?
  • How would you proceed with handling the scenario?
  • How does the role of leadership in the decision-making process serve to              establish an organizational climate oriented to meet business     goals?

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