Where Am I Eating?Based on Part I of Where Am I Eating? pp. 1-60 (Reading is available using attached files)What is the significance of the Juan Valdez logo. How does it compare to the Starbucks logo in Narino? How much does the average coffee farmer get from the $10.00 Timmerman pays for a bag of Starbucks coffee? Describe how coffee beans are ground and processed. What certifications does Timmerman discuss? What are the differences? What is meant by “fair trade” coffee? What were you most surprised by in this section?Please include the responses to these question in your essay but think of them as “prompts” and write a complete essay in paragraph format. Also remember to cite any information used from the text using APA citation style. See the resources folder for information on how to do this correctly.The post Where Am I Eating? appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.

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