TITLE – Work life balance and its impact on employee’s well-being in the private sector

The Critical Studies Paper will be 5,000 words in length and assessment will be made under the criteria of:

Focus of the argument throughout the Paper

Adequacy of the literature drawn on for the Paper;

Critical and analytical ability demonstrated throughout the arguments offered in the Paper

A critique of the core theories, models and concepts being explored;

Style of writing, and flow of argument;

Academic conventions used including in-text referencing throughout the Paper, the reference List, and any bibliography.

New knowledge or understanding shown in the Paper

The individual Critical Studies Paper accounts for 100% of course work.  It is limited to 5,000 words excluding, in-text diagrams, images, tables, appendices, and reference lists. Footnotes are part of the word count. Supporting background information on the selected organization and the theme focus may be put into Appendices. You are encouraged to use diagrams to summarize key concepts and findings.

The assignment can focus on any international business theme.  Ideally it should be based around 10 core articles, with additional concepts and models drawn from a wider range of peer reviewed journal articles.  You are encouraged to use as many journal references as possible to support the relevancy of the argument. You are expected to assess and critically apply journal articles that contribute to your selected donor case or research gap.

Critical studies paper proposal


Work life balance and its impact on employee’s wellbeing in the private sector

Why the topic is relevant.

Work-life balance is an important topic in both professional business practice and academic research. The research will show the work-life balance is a central issue affecting wellbeing, as family and work are the most important elements of everyone’s life. This study focus on assessing the impact of work-life balance determined by work-family conflict and family work conflict on the wellbeing of individuals employed in the private sector. Wellbeing will be measured by levels of family satisfaction, work satisfaction and psychological distress.

 Scope of the study

The study will spot the existence of harmful effect of poor work life balance by determine the high levels of work-family conflict and family-work conflict on family satisfaction. This study will also confirm harmful effect of poor work life balance due to high levels of work-family conflict on work satisfaction and psychological health. Negative impacts of family-work conflict on work satisfaction and psychological health were not supported. This study will also show the main reasons for work family conflicts which are extreme working hours and inflexibility of work schedule.

Research aim

The aim of the study is to establish the impact of work life balance on employee well being

Research question

Measures of how work life balance affect employees well begin in the private sector?

Theory and models

The academic body of knowledge regarding work-life scholars relies on a collection of theoretical frameworks which include-

  • Spill-over theory
  • Compensation theory
  • Enrichment theory

Core articles and key words

Work – life balance: is it now a problem for management? By Patricia Todd and Jennifer Binns

Human resource practices as predictors of work- family outcome and employee turnover by Rosemary Batt and P.monique valcour

Explaining organizational responsiveness to work family issues: the role of human resource executives as issue interpreters by Frances.J.Milliken, Luis L.Martins and Hal Morgan

Work- life balance in china social policy, employer strategy and individual coping mechanisms by Yuchun Xiao and Fang Lee Cooke

The constraints of a work life balance approach: an international perspective by Lewis_et_al_2007

When work-family benefits are not enough: the influence of work –family culture on benefit utilization, organizational attachment, and work –family conflict by Thompson_et_al_1999

Key words

Work- life balance, managerial prerogative, human resource, gender, incentive, flexibility, family satisfaction, work satisfaction and psychological distress.

The first meeting with my supervisor

My supervisor suggestions

  • How work life balance benefits the employees
  • The essay should be original
  • The following theme should also be consider
  • Comparing work life balance polices in two to three different counties
  • International perspective on work life balance
  • Work time regulation (working from home, flexibility )
  • Child care and gender
  • Current economic climate
  • Age and population
  • Job satisfaction and relationship
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Theory of stress and pressure
  • Different between private and small scale on work life balance
  • Work time regulation
  • Generational different in work life balance
  • How WLB affects the employer and the employee
  • Gaps in the study
  • Limitation of the theory

The second meeting with my supervisor

How to structure the literature review

The headings/ sub-headings 

  • The definitions of work life balance
  • The theories of work life balance
  • Economic situation and work life balance
  • Work-life balance and demographics
  • Work-family conflict
  • Consequences of work-life balance and work-life imbalance
  • The definitions of Wellbeing
  • Family satisfaction
  • Work satisfaction
  • Psychological health
  • Benefits of wellbeing

My supervisor suggestion – two or more heading can be combined so as to pick from what she theme she suggested

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