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Health Policy

Health Policy: What are some of the political and social forces that shape the social determinants of health? What is the current state of the social determinants of health in CANADA? What are some of the reasons for this current state and what can be done to improve the situation?

Please note the emphasis on Canada. This is a draft so it doesn’t have to be overdone. but do provide the following:

1) Introduction to the issue (e.g. problem, dilemma, and concern); include a thesis statement.

2) Why it is an issue? What is the history (how the issue evolved) and how it captured your interest? Who does the issue involve (e.g., key stakeholders such as the public, government, and healthcare organizations)?

3) What are the implications for the public and policy makers?

4) Summary (your conclusions, new insights, and pulling the paper together).

Only use 5 scholarly articles, journals or books

Format: Use subheadings to separate/organize different aspects of your paper which support your main thesis. The draft paper should be 4 pages excluding cover page and references.

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