rhetorical analysis essay length 3 pages


Identify and provide a brief explanation of the author’s argument; identify two persuasive strategies that the author uses to support his or her argument and analyze how those strategies might persuade the reader to support the claim; discuss the assumption(s) on which the argument is based; and evaluate the extent to which the reader would find the argument convincing. Be sure to follow these directions carefully, rather than simply agreeing or disagreeing or writing an extensive summary of the article. Focus carefully on showing how the author uses rhetorical strategies to further their claims to their intended audience. Again, the best papers will account for this by sufficiently addressing audience presuppositions (i.e. assumptions). Requirement: This assignment should be composed in MLA format,

  1. Times new Roman font (12 point)
  2. Ensure you include page numbers in the headings
    (note that there’s no need to include a page number in the first page—only the subsequent ones)
  3. The work is double spaced.


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