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When customers can not access AIS applications, it is a big proble. Imagine customers being unable to buy merchandise from Amazon during the holidays. Imagine students being unable to register and pay for classes during registration time. These are examples of why firms require that their AIS applications retain high availability for use (greater than 99.9%), meaning that these systems will hardly ever suffer an outage. Is this a fair demand for AIS applications and why as well as is it OK for a firm and it customers to accept a much lower availability, such as 80%?  To support your response, perform a search on the Internet or via UMUC’s online library to find an article that supports your recommendation (excluding the readings from this class). Be sure to include (a) the title of the article; (b) a link to it; and (c) a two-sentence summary of the article.

Activity 2

Based upon the material covered from the readings and/or videos from Week 6, highlight the three most important concepts you learned this week and how each of these concepts will help you in appreciating the power of AIS. Be sure to include examples in your postings. Please sub-divide the 3 concepts into 3 separate paragraphs.

NOTE: You should first identify the concepts that you learned and then describe how they increased your appreciation and understanding of AIS.

  • Chapter 8: I/T Governance
  • Chapter 9: Controlling Information Systems
    • Section 9.3 – The Control Framework
  • Chapter 11: The Order-to-Cash Part I
    • Section 11. 8 – Application of the Control Framework
  • Chapter 12: The Order-to-Cash Part II
    • Section 12.7 – Application of the Control Framework for the Billing Function
    • Section 12.9 – Application of the Control Framework for the Cash Receipts
  • Chapter 13: The Purchase-to-Pay Process
    • Section 13. 8 – Application of the Control Framework to General Expenditures



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