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Get help for Ashford-University GEN 103 Week 2 Discussion & Assignment. In the 21st century, it is important to be able to research and make wise decisions based on reliable information. In fact, employers have high expectations regarding their employees’ abilities to research. As discussed in the Post Your Introduction forum, due to the overwhelming amount of information available, researching and locating reliable sources to guide decision-making can be very challenging. Let’s examine in this discussion the challenges of research and how developing information literacy skills can help. Prepare: Read Module 1 of your textbook to learn more about information literacy. Next, read the At Sea in a Deluge of Data article from the Chronicle of Higher Education. This article details the research expectations employers have of new employees hired in the digital age. Reflect: Consider your reaction to the information in the article, At Sea in a Deluge of Data, and Module 1 and identify areas that you connected with the most.

Based on the article and Module 1 of your text, consider how information literacy skills can impact being a critical consumer of information. • Based on the information you read in Chapter 1 of your textbook and the At Sea in a Deluge of Data article, how would you define information literacy? • How can improving your information literacy skills help you in being a critical consumer of information, in the ongoing pursuit of knowledge, and in your professional career ambitions? Your initial post should contain a minimum of 350 words written in complete sentences. It must answer all aspects of the prompt (refer to “Think about it this way” below). It must be posted by 11:59 p.m. Thursday evening. Correctly cite the source of any information that you use in your post. Guided Response: You must reply to at least two classmates. As you reply to your classmates, attempt to extend the conversation by examining their claims or arguments in more depth or by responding to the posts that they make to you. Keep the discussion on target and try to analyze things in as much detail as you can.

For instance, you might consider sharing additional ways that information literacy skills can help them be critical consumers of information. This discussion is asking you to do six things. • Read Module 1 in your textbook and the At Sea in a Deluge of Data article. • Based on your textbook and the article, write a paragraph explaining how you would define information literacy. • Answer the question, “How can improving your information skills help you in being a critical consumer of information? • Answer the question, “How can improving your information skills help you in the ongoing pursuit of knowledge? • Answer the question, “How can improving your information skills help you in your career ambitions? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ discussion posts. Prepare: Take a few minutes to think about the material that we’ve covered in this course so far. Reflect: Reflect on what you found interesting, surprising, or confusing in this past week. What did you learn that caused you to understand an issue or an event differently?

What habits or tips did you discover that helped you to complete your course work more effectively or efficiently? • What struck you in particular as you explored the course materials this week? • What insights have you had? • What have you been struggling with? • What questions have come up for you at this point? • Do you have any helpful tips that you’ve picked up in this course or in a past course? You are required to post at least 100 total words in this forum this week. You can post one time or ten times, the only requirements are that you post at least 100 words total and that you engage in conversation related to course content. Ask questions, answer questions, provide extra resources you found that are interesting, or engage in a debate about something you learned this week. The only requirement is that your comments have to relate to the course content.

Provide a full explanation of the issues that you discuss in your posts. For example, if you write that you had difficulty thinking of a topic for your annotated bibliography, explain where in the process of determining a topic you had difficulty. Could you not think of any topics? Could you think of too many topics? Did you have a hard time finding useful information when you did background research? Similarly, when responding to your classmates, be sure to elaborate. For example, if you write that you also found a specific topic interesting, explain what about that topic you found interesting and why. Is it the same aspects of the topic that your classmate found interesting? Were you unaware that events associated with the topic took place? Did the information that you learned change your understanding of those events? If you have a question for your instructor, you should contact your instructor through email or in the “Ask Your Instructor” board. This Open Forum is a place for you to collaborate and connect with your classmates as well as support one another. Your instructor will monitor this board and may post, but he/she is not expected to answer all questions.

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