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Research Proposal (Individual Assignment) – 1000H
Due October 1st, 1159pm on Blackboard
1. Choose a research question related to the Canadian Business Context (e.g., What do the Millennials think about Unions? Motivating people at work; Is flat organization better than mechanistic organizational structure? – etc. please note that these are only examples. If you need help in selecting a topic or trying to understand whether your topic is suitable, please approach the Course Instructor or the seminar leaders).
2. Explain the research question and the rationale for your choice. What will you be researching? Why did you choose this topic? (2 marks).
3. Is your research relevant to any particular business, industry or organization? Name an organization, industry or business that would find value in your research topic and explain with examples. (2 marks)
4. List the academic references (least three peer reviewed articles; the other references can
come from acceptable sources eg. CBC reports, CNN money or Forbes) which you will use
to develop your final research paper. For each reference write three sentences that
synthesize the paper’s findings. (4 marks)
5. Clarity, good arguments, and presentation (2 marks).
Referencing: APA style
Font: 12 pt font Times New Roman or Arial
Strict page limit: 1- 2 pages; 1.5 or double spaced, normal margins

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