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“Whiteness in america exist”

Chapter 10 addresses the origins and history of “whiteness.” Please remember that our textbook is presenting their point of view regarding this topic and many other theories about whiteness in America exist.
1. Read Chapter 10 pages 161-174.
2. Watch the entertaining videos about whiteness. Youtube videos..
Chappelle’s Show – “Frontline” – Clayton Bigsby Pt. 2 – Uncensored
White Supremacist Learns He’s 14% Black
White House Intern Sparks Controversy With Hand Gesture in Trump Photo
Former White Power Skinheads Are Helping to End Racism
How a Southerner shed his racism
Hate Rising: White Supremacy in America
3. Write a reaction paper about Chapter 10 as well as the entertaining videos and include your own life experience about whiteness. Please do not BS and get a zero.

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