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Proposal Paper

A proposal can be thought of as a roadmap. It is a thoughtful and detailed plan for your paper that you hope to follow to successful, reasoned conclusions. It is a means for avoiding holes within your paper and allows for the reader to understand from where you drew your information and how the information relates to the focus of your paper
It should be composed of sections. Subheadings may be used.
Title (2 marks) precise wording and a good indication of the direction of the essay
Introduction to the Topic
Objectives (4 marks) – what are the issue(s) being covered and what do you hope to achieve. How will you approach the topic?
Information and Practicality (2 marks) – what information is available, what is doable, what area and what time period is covered by your paper
Literature Review Fit to Theme (2 marks) – how close are your sources to your topic (theme, location, time)
Minimum 3 academic sources Are they academic? (2 marks) – peer reviewed journal based, etc.
Bibliography (2 marks) – correct use of APA
Citations What is cited (2 marks) – correct use of citations – quotes, ideas, diagrams (note: this means that you must use citations (sources) in your proposal)
Format of citations (2 marks) – APA
Total of 18 marks worth 20% of your final mark

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