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We send hundreds of thousands of our young men and women to fight wars for the Military Industrial Complex and the stock market. Yet we do nothing to help the poor, the destitute or even our Country when disasters strike. Currently 90 percent of our manufacturing is in China. We have given a totalitarian nation every technology they ever wanted. In the next 5 to 10 years, every product America has invented in the last 60 years will be rebranded as a Chinese product. Patriotic is for the little people who know what sacrifice is. Not another black Friday and some Politician forcing everyone to suffer to get their way. This is interesting study, but I prefer to think that people, when kids became adult, will look at deeds and attitudes of any party more than their brands and sayings and then will vote republican, democrats party or others. There are many parties which contain such community, freedom, democracy etc. in their names. But in fact there is no link between this party and it’s brand. Thank you so much VirginiaLynne. Sorry I didn’t end this hub very well–I actually wrote it inbetween taking my kids to our 4th of July bike parade and going to a barbeque picnic! I’m still pondering what it means to say that exposing our kids to the symbols of patriotism makes them vote in a particular way later on. I really want to hear what other people think. I’d never heard to this before. I think VirginiaLynne simply means to always vote for freedom? I really dont think being patriotic means being republican.

CPE Writing Paper model . In the Proficiency in English Cambridge Exam (Paper 2- Writing, Part 1) you are given two pieces of text and are asked to write an essay based on the information given. Take a look at this essay sample. Then visit our pages How to write an essay and Tips to write an essay. We all have dreams of having more and longer holidays, getting a better job, being fitter and living in a wealthier place. However, it is difficult to further our dreams for several reasons. Both texts deal with the concept of «quality of life» pointing out how it influences our health and how difficult it is for some to have access to it. According to the first passage, being healthy is not just necessary but essential. We need to be in good physical and mental condition to be able to keep a job and to participate actively in a social group. Unfortunately our health state can be influenced by factors we cannot always control such as living in a poor neighbourhood, a place with bad weather conditions or a country in which people lack political freedom. In the same way, the second text highlights the importance of the climate, the environment and the economic situation of a country. According to very interesting studies they play a major role in improving out quality of life. It also states that very few people are ready to take the plunge and move their housing in search of these factors. The sad reality is that for most of us it is not easy to relocate for numerous reasons. On the other hand, there are small simple things we can put into practice to improve the way we live. Now it is your turn to practise for the CPE Cambridge Exam. Write an Essay using the task above.

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