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Historical Essay

Andrew Jackson hated the Second Bank of the United States. Examine the actions of the president.
Please note the italics are only suggestions for the essay
Please complete 1-3 in essay form.
1. Please make sure you are referencing the political cartoon.
2. Please make sure the discussion is supported through evidence and analysis from the text. You will likely be using your text to support the discussion more, but remember to include the political cartoon to align to the overall win of Jackson in the Bank War.
3. Please make sure you have clear and consistent in text citation.
1. In the cartoon what is obvious in terms of the president and his economic view of the bank> Define the electoral changes that had taken place under Jackson from the Election of 1824 and his election in 1828, who was President Jackson representing politically for the first time? How had the American electorate changed? Use of the text to support the discussion from the visual representation, but provide a clear historical context. What has changed about the electorate, who are the supporters of Jackson? Remember he represents the West, ideas like the Corrupt Bargain end in 1824 with the election of Jackson, analyze the change in the discussion before you move into the direct discussion of the Bank War.
.2. Yeomen farmers blamed the bank for the Panic of 1819, define the short and the long-term consequences of Jackson’s actions and his Secretary of the Treasury? How did Nicholas Biddle respond when the cash was removed and sent to state banks? You have two points of reference, how is the Bank portrayed in the cartoon? What is the economic reality of pulling out the economic deposits? What is the short term economic consequence, what is the long-term economic consequence. Once again make sure you are using the text to support discussion.
3. One of the long-term consequences of the Bank War was an economic depression, was Jackson correct in his assumption the bank was a monopoly or did the president cause more long-term damage that survived until the end of the Van Buren Administration? Could the existence of the bank have helped to prevent a further economic collapse.
Paper Requirements
Paper Requirements
1. Please make sure that you have consistent in text citation. Please remember if there is no in text citation throughout the paper topics half the paper points will be deducted.
2. Please make sure that you have a works cited. Citation can be in MLA or Chicago.
3. Please make sure that the upload had gone into Web Courses, if the upload does not work please feel to upload the paper again.
4. Paper minimum 1000 to 1300 words.
5. Please remember no outside sources are allowed unless specified in the assignment, if outside sources are used half the paper points will be deducted.
6. Please make sure that you had in a double-spaced paper.
7. Please remember that late work is not accepted. All assignment should be submitted by 11:59 PM. Please do not wait until the last minute to upload the assignment.

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