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Essay writing is indeed a crucial task in our lives, be it at the academic or professional stage. Of course, it will never seem easy to write, especially to those who either dont practice it too much, or desire to avoid it altogether. Think back to early school life writing. As students, we were given something to write about as home assignments. It could either be something like “My first day at school”, or “Importance of extra-curricular activities” etc… the list is endless. Ever thought why we did this. Better yet, what was the need to write so much in the first place? The answer is actually very simple than you think. In fact, if we look at ourselves now, well notice that writing has become an important part of our lives now. Writing helps us to present ourselves with clarity and focus on a particular topic, while shedding of any possible ambiguity. The more we write, the more clear our thoughts and viewpoints become.

Essay writing is an important task in our lives, be it at the academic or professional stage. Of course, writing doesnt come easy to some, especially to those who either dont practice it too much, or wish to avoid it altogether. Still, interest or no interest, learning to write effectively is important, and continuing to write better than before is the key to developing writing skills for your academic and professional lives. To get a better grip at writing, essay writing is an effective exercise which in turn gives the ability to write on almost any subject of your interest. One of the most important things to keep in mind while writing essays is to write on something that appeals to our interests. The easiest way to do that is to pick a title that grabs the readers attention. A reader browses through several titles before finding something that will keep his interest diverted to it for a long period of time, so make sure yours is creative enough to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Once the essay succeeds in grabbing the readers attention, you need to make sure that the reader keeps reading your essay till the end. This is where the introduction is captivating enough to generate more interest in the mind of the reader. If your idea is indeed exciting, then make sure it is illustrated properly in the introduction. Moving along the rest of the essay, you can portray your opinions, viewpoints and explanations regarding your particular topic by writing extensively on it. However, dont make it too boring and add the spirit of your attitude to your words. Be sure to add some creative punch lines and tidbits of humor, plus some creative examples and relevant experiences thatll clear the picture in the mind of the readers. Finally, be sure to summarize your essay by reviewing the most important parts of your essay in brief. And once youre done, remember to proofread and critique your work.

I was not disappointed. This is really quite sick what the person who asked the question has done. This is the headline and core points from the daily mail. It is a picture from a hoax story. I simple search of google reveals the sordid tale of using a fake story and profile for advertising. 3. Canada as something the person knows about and yet they have lived their whole life in Australia? Not too odd but a red flag nonetheless. 4. How do they know about that specific institution? On Quora that often comes up because the individual went to that institution. Yet they have been in Australia the entire time. I suspect added to number 3 the real person behind the profile was a student at that institution from Canada. 5. Adds to 3 and 4. Showing inconsistency in the profile and suggesting a fake profile. Well apart from the picture of course. That is yet another scraped from google. Isn’t reverse image search wonderful.

So we find out from this that the person who asked the question is merely setting up some advertising. They are a fake and are using other people’s pictures and lying on multiple websites. That isn’t very trust inspiring. Now I was asked to answer this question. Let’s have a look at that persons profile. Hannah Torque Is that profile. The first answer in the feed is a spam answer selling essays. Not looking good so far. Oh no the profile picture is fake Video: Inside big mermaid convention’s fin-tastic weekend is where it was scraped from. Now I’m not sure why someone with a fake profile would ask me to answer such a question knowing what I had written. This leads me to think they didn’t do any research or read anything I had written. Would you trust someone offering to do your research for money who made such a rookie mistake?

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